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Analysis of OsiSoft’s PI Vision Web Application

PI Vision web application can be accessed through: Setting of directory in IIS 8.0 as follows: For the purpose of analysis, the PIVision folder is copied to \\yyyyy\d$\WebApp. Then using IIS perform setup of Application Pool called PIPool and make PIVision folder as application. Now when running through the browser I get: Checking into […]

Site Design Analysis #02

This time I will perform observation and analysis of the site from bbc with the link The overview using desktop screen as follows: This is a responsive site, because when viewed using Responsive Design Mode in Firefox, it will look like as follows: For the observation purposes, the site is saved to local folder […]

Site Design Analysis #01

Here I will discuss the feature of this sample site called divi theme for wordpress. Let’s focus on header appearance. At first condition, the header will show as follows: And the menu content as follows: When user try to scroll down at certain amount of pixels, the header will automatically resizes with some animation effect […]

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