Exploring Apache Batik

I have some project that has the issue of converting the existing WMF files to the SVG. There are several services out there for converting these files to SVG but unfortunately when I try to download it asks for some price, where other services failed to recognize the file.

Then, I found that there are the open source application called Apache Batik that handles SVG and possibly can perform conversion of WMF to SVG. So, I decided to give it a try by downloading the binary version 1.10 to to D:\Projects\Batik folder.

Then I activate the program as follows:

But get the error as follows:

To peform close examination of the above error, I try to setup existing sources using NetBeans by just opening the copied source in D:\Projects\Batik\src. NetBeans is already familiar with this source structure.

The batik-squiggle.jar’s source code is in here (in red box):

There’s a source packages that eventually contains the Main.java for the start program.

Then perform debugging using this command:

Then, as usual, perform setting of the “Source Root” by adding the one with red box below:

Then the independent Java runtime sources can be opened using a plain “Open File”. Let’s first examing the causes of java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError for org/apache/batik/w3c/dom/ElementTraversal when running the program.

So, let’s open the NoClassDefFoundError.java in the java sources that is already copied to d:\projects\netbeans\Debug\src folder using NetBeans and perform placement of breakpoint at these locations:

Now in debug session the content of string is org/apache/batik/w3c/dom/ElementTraversal:

Using the 7-Zip to examine the existing batik-squiggle.jar reveals that it is indeed no class named org/apache/batik/w3c/dom/ElementTraversal. By searching the existing JAR file in the folder, it is found that the class is batik-all-1.10.jar.

Using the procmon, it is verified indeed that the batik-all-1.10.jar is not get included in the application when it is started.

So, this requires some modifications inside the batik-squiggle.jar. Using jar executable, perform extract as follows:

After the above command, the content of folder “Temp” folder will be:

Remove the copied batik-squiggle.jar so that it is not get processed by subsequent jar operation. Then create the required class path for the placement of ElementTraversal.class and copied it into the folder as follow:

Then I perform the command below to create a new jar file:

Please pay attention of the . (dot) at the end of the command. It is already causes me some hours to fiddle this command to make it right due to this missing dot 🙂

The above class not found error is now gone, but another error called java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/batik/w3c/dom/Window is occurred. So, repeat the above step.

After some steps in modifying the JAR file, the NoClassDefFoundError is now gone. The program GUI is now active, but seems there’s another error, so let’s collect this one in to the log file:

Now I have java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (“java.net.NetPermission” “setDefaultAuthenticator”) and Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (“java.util.PropertyPermission” “user.dir” “read”).

In the JAR file there’s the file called svgbrowser.policy, let’s examine that and I have:

Since my JAR file is renamed to batik-squiggle.jar, the policy apply some strict rule that the JAR file name should be batik-squiggle-1.10.jar. So, let’s rename it and run the JAR file again. This time the Apache Batik Squiggle program runs without any glitches:

This concludes the preliminary observation of the Apache Batik Framework.

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