Analysis ABB Graphics Editor Deployment Mechanism

Each of the ABB Operator screen can be created using its build in Graphics Editor by clicking the edit menu as follows:

It will then activates the customized version of Visual Basic 6 and the displayed graphics can then be deployed into the ABB Plant Explorer’s workspace:

When the Edit menu is processed, the generated Visual Basic’s project and other supporting files is located in the C:\OperateITTemp1\ActiveGraphics. To retrieve these files, the ABB’s Plant Explorer application (AfwWorkplaceApplication.exe) will perform COM remote interface invoke call to AfwFsdNode.exe, which in turn will perform communication with the File Set Distribution Server (AfwFsdSrv.exe) to get the required Visual Basic files required for Graphics Editor.

The files itself is located in the server’s C:\OperateITData\FsdServer. Now, one of interesting feature is to create a customized Visual Basic project that has the debug symbol for generated ABB graphics object. This is done by perform setting of CodeViewDebugInfo so that Visual Basic can generate the debug symbol file (*.PDB) for the graphics object.

You can see that from the above picture there’s no menu to perform setting for debugging purposes, but you can perform the edit on the related files in the FsdServer folder using WinHex and copied it back to the folder. But you have to first stop and the re-starting the AfwFsdSrv service first because apparently when this application is active the folder is being locked by the program.

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