ABB PG2 Graphics Conversion to PI Vision

The newer version of ABB graphics is not using desktop application that relies on Visual Basic infrastructure anymore. It is using the .NET Framework environment using some deployment mechanism using web framework.

The web url framework then can be used to perform download and installation of the .NET client application and when already installed, it will jump start the ABB SmartClient in the computer.

The SmartClient is a .NET Framework application that activates from sc.exe program. It will communicate to the ABB OPC server that support this type of protocol that negotiate the screen data called PG2 graphics.

The PG2 graphics is in binary format that is processed using the LoadBinary method, which is part of the class method inside GraphicsKernel.dll. It will parse the PG2 binary to form the proper classes and graphical properties.

So, it is possible to perform the conversion by reading the parsed graphics object classes and properties, but unfortunately the LoadBinary is using internal class signature, so that it can not be utilized from outside application.

In order to be able to use this class, it is necessary to perform decompilation of the GraphicsKernel.dll, perform some modification of related class visibility and reduce the unrelated functions.

Then, by reading the processed class and properties, the process of generating the PI Vision graphic script can be accomplished, but it depends on the limited capabilities of graphic features that can be offerred right now in PI Vision framework.

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