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ABB PG2 Graphics Conversion to PI Vision

The newer version of ABB graphics is not using desktop application that relies on Visual Basic infrastructure anymore. It is using the .NET Framework environment using some deployment mechanism using web framework. The web url framework then can be used to perform download and installation of the .NET client application and when already installed, it […]

ABB Operator Graphics Conversion to PI Vision

The ABB Operator graphics is used to view the real time of industrial process data. It utilizes the COM infrastructure in the form of control (*.ocx) that can be embedded into the Windows OS graphics viewing infrastructure. When the user decides to modify the screen, it uses the Visual Basic Framework to perform editing the […]

Exploring Apache Batik

I have some project that has the issue of converting the existing WMF files to the SVG. There are several services out there for converting these files to SVG but unfortunately when I try to download it asks for some price, where other services failed to recognize the file. Then, I found that there are […]

Exploration of GoLang in Windows Environment

The file is copied to d:\projects\go. Then perform set environment variable GOPATH to d:\projects\go. Then perform compilation of the simple program of HelloWorld.go: But it failed to create a proper executable file because the Sophos anti virus program recognized it as virus/spyware Mal/Zbot-FG: I hope this is a false positive, so try to disable […]

Site Design Analysis #02

This time I will perform observation and analysis of the site from bbc with the link The overview using desktop screen as follows: This is a responsive site, because when viewed using Responsive Design Mode in Firefox, it will look like as follows: For the observation purposes, the site is saved to local folder […]

Site Design Analysis #01

Here I will discuss the feature of this sample site called divi theme for wordpress. Let’s focus on header appearance. At first condition, the header will show as follows: And the menu content as follows: When user try to scroll down at certain amount of pixels, the header will automatically resizes with some animation effect […]

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