What ?

You may already read the about page, which basically contain brief description of my skill, services and at last begging for money.

This is required for survival, and survival process operates in the realm of the activity of mind.

Some has very sophisticated skill on this, and some don’t, I may categorized as the latter.

Based on the site description, it is about problem solving and other stuffs. In this case, I’ll focus only on the problem solving aspect, in relation to the term of “Corner of Excellence”.

When trying to explain what is “Corner of Excellence”, I stare at the monitor eyes blinking and mind went blank.

So, actually I don’t know how to describe the above term.

But try as it might, I will describe it as follows:

There are two keywords, the corner and excellence.

The corner has the meaning as the angle, or it has a shape as cone, a very,very sharp cone in three dimension.

The creation process of universe since big bang is depicted as a cone, but it is actually resides before time. It is the ‘corner’ that ‘exist’ before time.

The term excellence refers to perfect, ultimate truth, which is realized after perfectly understand the problem when the mind is silenced.

The solution requires clear comprehension of issue and problem at hand when the mind is not interfere in solution process.

But here comes when I try to describe the state of solution the mind should eventually used to explain, enunciate, in words.

Certain flaws will crop up, and after the explanation, some will understand while some others don’t.

So, the excellence is never reach at mind level and one should leave as it is, because the finger can’t describe the moon.

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